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What are the advantages to short selling my property?

22 Apr

short sale

Sit down and ask yourself, what are the true advantages to a short sale?  If you give me a few minutes of your time, I will give them to you. Prepare yourself the best way you can and give yourself the knowledge needed to make an educated and best decision for yourself!

What are the advantages to a short sale?

1.     Avoid foreclosure on your credit.

2.     Avoid potential bankruptcy, which is something you NEVER want!

3.     Avoid being evicted from your home. Who wants to be told to leave from their home?

4.     There’s less potential for a tax liability.

5.     It’s much easier to repair your credit after a short sale, which shortens the time before you qualify for new ownership.

6.     You can get out from underneath a depreciating asset. Who likes to be upside down in their home?

7.     Lenders customarily pay all closing costs in a short sale transaction, including commissions so there is ZERO cost to you!

8.     You can potentially avoid debt liability and deficiency because we can negotiate terms with the bank that work for YOU and the bank.

My hope is that you will weigh your options and really consider other options when you are facing foreclosure. You don’t have to be forced out. You don’t have to be told you need to leave. You can leave on your own terms, live to fight another day and make sure that you want to do exactly what is best for you and your family. I hope that by reading this it has opened your eyes to the alternatives you have when facing such a situation as foreclosure. Whether you short sale your property or you foreclose on it, educate yourself, know your rights and know what to expect. But most of all, make the decision yourself.

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