Is short selling my home really an option?

2 May

Is a short sale right for me

Did you ever think you would have to move? Did you ever think that you would be forced to make a decision on whether to leave, or be forced out? According to Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, GLVAR, in March of 2013, 33.3 percent of homes sold in Southern Nevada were sold as a Short Sale. Don’t think you’re alone if you can’t afford your payments any longer. You have options.
It really is not your fault that the Southern Nevada market is the way it is! You didn’t control the lending. You didn’t control the economy and what happened. You do, however, control what happens from this point forward. You really are NOT alone! When the market “crashed”, Nevada was really hit the hardest. People paid $300,000 for a home that today, has a market worth of $150,000.  It makes all the sense in the world to cut your losses, short sell your home, walk away and get a fresh start in a few years.
Too many people don’t want to stand up, face the fact that they made a mistake, an unforeseeable mistake at that. However, why don’t you be part of the ones who look at themselves and say “You know, you’re right? I made a mistake and I want to fix it. I want to short sell my home and start over fresh. I want to make a difference and control where my life is going.”
You are better off selling your home through a short sale and buying a new home down the road, then you are to continue to pay on your home and not be able to afford it OR worse yet, stop paying on it and foreclose and be forced out. Ask yourself this question and you will find the answer to if a Short Sale is right for you. Would you rather spend your entire worth savings, 401k and everything you have worked hard for your entire life OR would you rather sell your home, start over fresh and be able to spend the things you have saved for? That’s the question you must answer yourself!

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